Pumpkin Patch – Take 2

So, last year, we took Benjamin to his first “pumpkin patch” and it was a bit of a failure. You can read about it here. This year, we took Benjamin and Hannah to a pumpkin festival. Although I’m not sure the exact difference, the pumpkin “festival” seemed to have bigger pumpkins and more pumpkins than the pumpkin “patch”.  So, after finding parking and walking about a block in Florida’s “fall” weather, we made it to our destination.  There was overpriced foods, a few games, peacocks, a play ground with a pile of sand, a petting zoo, and PUMPKINS!

Benjamin and the peacocks didn’t get along so well.  One of the peacocks actually bit Benjamin’s finger.  At least we think it was a peacock. See the offending bird below:

Look at Benjamin’s innocent, unsuspecting face.  Poor guy never saw it coming. (I know, where were his parents? Right? Well, when we find them, they’re getting an ear full):

After the peacock incident, we headed to the play ground with the sand pile.  Maybe it was the scorching heat Florida’s “fall” weather, or maybe it was the peacock trauma, but Benjamin took it easy. As you can see, he found a suitable toy, and sat on it:

After ALL the excitement at the playground it was time to head to the grand finale, the PUMPKINS! There were many and they were large. So enjoy, Benjamin sure did.

Did you know the best way to test a pumpkin is to sit on it? Now you do, and you’re welcome.

What a smile!


And now to look cool and think of how much more of a win this year’s pumpkin festival was compared to last year’s pumpkin patch.

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Jell-O A La Mode

It seems like Benjamin was born just yesterday, yet it is amazing how foreign the newborn stage is. For example, I forgot how frustrating dressing a newborn is. Those little arms and those little sleeves,  it seems all they want to do is curl those little T-Rex arms up into their chest like they’re bear hugging the world’s skinniest imaginary friend.  Don’t get me wrong, the newborn stage also has some pros, like sleeping during the day and not running all over the place. But, this re-experience of the newborn stage makes me appreciate a little more some of Benjamin’s emerging independence. For example, Benjamin can feed himself and recently became the world’s youngest gourmet dessert chef. Here, Benjamin prepares one of his signature items, Jell-O a la mode.

First, eat 99% of the Jell-O and ice cream (What?! No, not us? Of course not, we’re responsible parents and would never give Benjamin BOTH Jell-O AND ice cream at the same time! He must have bought those ingredients himself.)

Second, stick your almost-clean hands in the bowl and MIX!

Third, this is IMPORTANT, aggressively wipe hands in hair.

Fourth, and almost the end, dump and mix.

Finally, presentation is key, turn the bowl upside down. TA-DA!!!

Benjamin thanks you for viewing his recipe, next week he will present beans and rice.


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Definitely Brother and Sister

So, since the day she was born (about a week and a half ago), family and friends have told us how much Hannah looks like her big brother Benjamin.  At first, Maria and I didn’t see it, but eventually we came around.  After skimming previous Picassa albums doing some intensive research, I found my evidence. Hannah looks like Benjamin, but they are not twins. See for yourself.





I also found, during my intensive research, proof that Benjamin loves his new little sis.

Exhibit “A”: Benjamin giving Hannah a high five:

Exhibit “B”: Benjamin making sure Hannah is buckled in her car seat:

Exhibit “C”: Our little man, Benjamin, giving his little sis a kiss on the head:

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So, in  a previous post, we mentioned how Benjamin loves this video of Jason Mraz singing with Elmo.  Well, a few years back, I picked up a little guitar while visiting family in L.A.  Benjamin has played with it before, but now, post Elmo and Jason Mraz, Benjamin loves his jammin on his guitar. He sings and plays his guitar all the time. He is our little musician.

“Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any cuter, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!” (Modified awesome movie quote.) Anyway, now with Hannah in the world, Benjamin has some competition in the cute department so it’s a good thing he’s stepping up his game.

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Two Tiny Tings Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, so in honor of the second day of the work week, here are two tiny things tings that for us aren’t that tiny.

1) Benjamin loves climbing up slides.  Yeah, yeah, all kids love climbing up slides, but when it’s your own little guy doing it with a huge grin on his face, its HUGE. Can we really say no?

I’m the king of this thing!

That’s right, climbing a double. And what!

Oh, is that a camera? Didn’t even notice.

Just when you thought I was out of tricks, BAM!, a spiral slide.

And one more for good measure.

2) Benjamin loves singing, and lately his favorite song is a duet clash of titans between ELMO and JASON MRAZ. Despite the catchy tune, the real joy is watching Benjamin dance and hearing him sing along. And now, for your listening pleasure…

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