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Our Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been lazy busy and writing has taken the backseat.

Anywhoo, this weekend Jeremy and I were able to spend some more time together since my sister took Benjamin to visit family on Friday afternoon and didn’t return until Saturday afternoon. On Friday night, Jeremy and I went out for sushi (yummmm!) and then went to the movies. We saw Man on a Ledge due to my incessant begging. And we were both kinda disappointed. Once again, the previews pretty much gave the whole movie away and then it became predictable and ridiculous. I’m not usually one to guess what’s going to happen next- I just watch the movie without much thinking. Well, for this movie, I was able to figure out all their “surprise” twists and knew what to expect. This = not normal. Movie = not good.

On Saturday, we just hung out, went out to eat at a local pizza joint, spent time at a fancy store (Target), read magazines/books at Barnes & Noble, and then enjoyed watching some episodes of The Office, Season 5, at home. That show never gets old and is Heee-larious! And yes, we’re a wild bunch.

Throughout the day, my sister sent me pictures of my other main man doing what he does best: eating, playing, and being downright awesome. Apparently, they went to the mall where he enjoyed a churro. They gave him a small piece and he just broke off tiny pieces to eat, one by one. Then, when he saw that my sister had an entire container full of sugary goodness, he grabbed two and started going to town.


pardon the blurry pictures

He entertained himself playing in a barrel. Then played with his cousin. And beat him up for taking a toy. A rational mama would be disappointed. I am not a rational mama šŸ˜‰


again, blurry, I know

We tried to push our luck and go out to eat one last time before they got back home but, just as we were getting our warm, delicious food at Chili’s (classy, I know) we got the call that they were back. So we packed up our food and headed home- to eat it cold while standing and chasing Benjamin under the dining table.

After he got home, we went back to Target and tried on toddler car seats. Benjamin is outgrowing his baby seat and definitely needs a new one but Jeremy and I haven’t decided which one we like best. I fell in love with one seat but, unfortunately, it is only forward-facing and the new recommendations suggest rear-facing for at least the first two years. Lame safety regulations. So the search continues.


Benjamin enjoyed trying out big-boy seats.

Today, Benjamin went to church with his aunt and cousins. His dad and mom missed him but sure appreciated spending more time alone together.

Later this evening, after naps, we all went to a local Italian Festival and ate like pigs had a great time. There was music, food, rides, an open field to play, and food. Yes, lots and lots of food.




Now it’s bedtime and Jeremy decided to wash the cars. In the dark. Saying, “That way, I don’t use up anyone’s time but my own.” I love that man.

Hope your weekend was great and the memories are able to carry you for the next five days.

Peace out!

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We’re on a plane

So this has been a busy week, hence the lack of posts. First, preparing for B’s first birthday party. Then crying over him turning ONE year old. Then actually having said party and enjoying every second of it. And, finally, crying some more realizing he is ONE year old. I’m a toddler mom! So stay tuned for endless party pics, life updates, and awesome random facts.

For now, I’ll tell you that we are on a plane to North Carolina. (Insert gleeful scream and happy face here!) Oh, and it’s just Jeremy and me- the little guy stayed with his aunt and grandmother. Let the spoiling begin.


On Motherhood

On the eve of my son turning 1, I wanted to reflect on what motherhood represents. Becoming a mother was a difficult road for me; I dealt with unimaginable things but, through it all, I knew I was meant to be a mother. The easy way or the hard way. I became a mother the second I found out I was pregnant. My lifestyle changed, me eating habits changed, and my life had new purpose. I was a mother before Benjamin; he has a big brother smiling down on him from heaven. Yet bringing Benjamin into the world after carrying him for 38 weeks was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I can say with confidence that if I died today I would die peacefully knowing that I led a good life and accomplished the most important thing. I met my goal. Since before I knew I was capable of having children, I have dreamt of becoming a mother. This was (and is) the most important thing to me and I always thought my life would be incomplete without any children. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Now, having had Benjamin, and experiencing the joys of motherhood I realize it was even more important than I thought. I see his dimply smile, I touch his chubby hands, run my fingers through his soft hair and think, “There is nothing in this world more special than being this little boy’s mother.” Knowing that he is looking up at me, relying on me to help him discover the world, to guide him and protect him, makes all my other problems seem trivial.

I have made a vow to myself that my son will never be treated like a burden or made to feel unwanted. If he’s awake, my computer is turned off, my phone is on vibrate, and I am on the floor playing with him. Yes, he has independent play time but not because I’m too busy for him. If all I ever do in this life is show him that he is loved, well, then, that is enough. He will know that he is my world, that nothing is impossible and that I believe he can do it all. I will call him beautiful, intelligent, funny, amazing, miraculous, and incredible. And I will mean every single word.

I thought I loved him in the womb. Every kick I felt added more love to my heart. I thought I loved him when I first saw him; screaming, crying, and proceeding to suck his thumb. I thought I loved him yesterday when he woke up from a nap and laid on my chest. But today, oh man, today I love him more than ever. And I’m sure that tomorrow, my heart will find another way to grow and gain even more love.

One of the coolest things about becoming a mother is that I helped make someone else become a father. I gave my husband a son. A legacy. An heir. A little buddy. It’s true; seeing Jeremy become a father has been amazing. Seeing Benjamin’s eyes light up when his father gets home or watching him crawl at lightning speed towards him only to be picked up and kissed makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I know I don’t deserve him, but I thank God daily that Jeremy chose me to be the mother of his children. I’m also blessed to have given my children the best daddy in the world.


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Year in Review: 2011

Without seeming dramatic, this has been the hardest and most challenging year of my life! Not too dramatic, huh? A lot has happened and a lot still has not happened.

Here’s a quick rundown month-by-month.


12th: I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy ever! He has totally changed our lives and made our hearts explode with love and joy. I’ll admit the first few months were crazy-hard but everyday with him gets better and better.


I returned to work/internship.

Perfected our yoga poses.


My father passed away after a short, but vicious, battle with cancer. Miss him desperately.

Benjamin started sleeping on his belly and finally slept through the night.


First family trip to visit the in-laws in Sarasota; Benjamin’s first time in a pool.

Celebrated my birthday and went to eat sushi (alone!) with Jeremy.

Someone got their first feel of cake!

Benjamin went to Easter service with my sister and got his first face paint.


Benjamin’s first time at the beach.

Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and spent the weekend in Cape Canaveral.


Benjamin’s first haircut.

Jeremy’s birthday. Went to eat sushi (alone, again) for dinner.


Benjamin’s second time at a water park.

B’s first bike ride.

Road trip to Washington DC, New York, and then attended a wedding in New Jersey.

Attended my 10-year high school reunion. What?! Didn’t I JUST graduate?!


Moved to another house. Put all our stuff in storage.



Got new wheels!

Started this bloggity-blog.


Went to the local fair.

First pumpkin patch and petting zoo.

Broncos @ Dolphins game. Go Tebow!


Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Benjamin meets his great-grandmother!

First family photo shoot.


Christmas with my family.

New Year’s Eve with Jeremy and Benjamin.

Went to ICE! at Gaylord Palms in Orlando, FL. Benjamin nearly froze!

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Who is this big boy and what has he done with our baby?!





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